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Angela’s Touch Design work with every client individually to determine their needs, goals, expectations, and budget. With this information and understanding, we create a customized event planning approach and pricing package that everyone is satisfied with. Every event is so unique, we have a variety of billing structures that we use to ensure a cost-effective and fair billing arrangement for every client who decides to work with us.

Flat Fee

In most cases, we charge our clients a flat fee for our services. Such arrangements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the complexity of the event, the number of guests and vendors involved, the total budget, and the estimated amount of time that the planning will require. We find that this flat fee arrangement tends to work best for all involved, because everyone agrees to the fee ahead of time and knows exactly what to expect. Once the fee is negotiated and the contract is signed, there are no hidden fees and absolutely no surprises. 

Billable Hours

In the case of some projects where we are serving clients in a partial planning capacity, we may recommend an hourly billing arrangement in exchange for our services. Under this arrangement, the client delegates specific tasks to Angela’s Touch & Design, and we bill accordingly for the amount of time that is required for us to complete them. We use this arrangement in rare cases where at the time we are hired the client does not yet know the scope of work they will require of us. We may also offer this billable hours option to those clients who prefer it over the flat fee option.

We'll discuss all your ideas at length, then design a plan with a variety of options for you to consider that reflects your unique personality and style. When you give us your signed approval, we'll make it all happen, keeping you updated regularly.     

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